Friday, May 18, 2012

New project bag

I had to show off my new project bag that my mom (happylittlecottage) sewed for me! I am a novice sewer and the thought of sewing a zipper brought back nightmarish memories of high school sewing class. So I asked my mom to make it for me with super specific details - I wanted it with a red zipper, red polka dot lining, and measure 14" square. The fabric is kokka fabric that I have been coveting forever and finally found it at SuperBuzzy. It's been in the stash for awhile destined to become pillow covers (or so I thought).This fabric is probably the cutest thing ever with dalas, matryoshkas, windmills, flowers, and hearts.

The bag is a nice big size! It fits about 5 skeins of yarn and a stack full of granny squares..

I'm in love with it. Thanks mom!


  1. You're welcome! xoxo Mom

    P.S. Great photos!!!

  2. I love your blog! What lovely things you have. I love bright colors and Cath Kidston!
    Simply Miss Luella