Saturday, January 25, 2014

This week...

I've been doing a little crafting. Working on this hexagon blanket I started last Spring, added in 2 new colors: navy blue and red.

 Working on another "Scandistitch" design. You can find my other finished ones here and here. I seem to have a little obsession with navy blue right now. Love it!

Taking down Christmas decorations. I'm usually sad afterwards, but I really am loving the clean simple look of my home now.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sophie Sweater

Yesterday I was finally in the mood to crochet. I haven't felt like it since probably October. So I picked up a hook and my favorite color yarn and started playing.

This is what came out of the hour with my toes dipping in the crochet pool... a Sophie sweater!

 I made the pattern up as I went and little Sophie was a trooper letting me try it on her every 5 minutes, and at one point putting clothespins on it to mark the leg holes :)

I couldn't have made it at a better time. We are having below zero temps right now here in Ohio. Bbbrrrrrr!

Sophie loves it and I have to say she looks adorable. Now I think it is safe to say I have now become a crazy dog lady.

 I'm off to take down Christmas decorations. Boo! Then maybe sit down and start a new blanket. What are you up to this Wednesday?