Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hama Bead Party

 I'm always trying to find something to beat the winter doldrums.
This week I decided to try my hand and hama beads (or perler beads).
My mom wanted to join along so we made a little party out of it. We made taco dip and had some Smirnoff ice and crafted for hours. I set out a few bowls of perler beads as well as some cross stitch books.

It is a pretty inexpensive craft. You can get a set of beads along with the little baseboards for about $7.

Here's my woodland ones.

And our British inspired ones.

This little flower along with Stanley is from the Cath Kidston needlepoint book. You can find most of these patterns on my Hama Bead board on Pinterest. Love the way they turned out, so bright and cheery!

What do you all like to do to beat those winter blues?