Friday, April 18, 2014

Shop Update 4/18

Lots of new goodies in this week's shop update! Update will happen at 7pm eastern time and once something is sold out it might not be back in the shop for a few weeks or it might be a one of a kind deal and never come back.

New this week are:

This precious set of crochet roses.

Super cottage crochet potholder for your kitchen,

my favorite new bunting banner, with sweet little appliques,

a classic granny bunting, 

 and this adorable flower pillow that I had so much fun making!
Hope to see you are 7 o'clock :)


  1. Hi Becky, what lovely items you have in your shop! I'm sure they will fly out of your Etsy shop. Love your colors and ideas. Happy Easter to you and Sophie and your mom.

  2. Lovely things, you inspire me to use these colors soon as I get settle.. going to make me a granny square blanket.. Happy weekend with love Janice

  3. I just got my potholder with the cherries..Soooooo cute! I love it! You do a really great job..oh, and my hoop art about making sh*t happen. Makes me smile every time I see it:)

  4. All so bright and happy!
    You make amazing things.

  5. lovely pretty colours, sure to be a big hit and sell out quickly. Amanda x