Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Cuddly Owl

Well the heat has finally broke and thanks to my new air conditioner I am back with hook in hand and tons of inspiration.

 Here's my newest little creation. He measures about 7 inches tall and is crocheted out of acrylic yarn.
The pattern comes from this adorable etsy shop full of fun crochet patterns.

He is currently nesting on my window sill bringing me smiles every time I see him. I think he needs a name. Any suggestions?


  1. I don't know why, but Humphrey comes to mind as a name! I love the colours used and I already knew about the etsy shop, and as a collector of owls I am surprised I haven't had a go at making one yet. You are good inspiration.

  2. I love owls and this one is sweetiest i have seen <3

  3. Adorable, colourful owl!


  4. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!
    A name? What about Owlove???? ;-))))
    xxxx Alessandra

  5. i love owls! and this one is so cute!!! I'm dreaming of an air conditioner too, but where I live the heat has broken and i can crochet and knit again too!

  6. This is so fun! I will pin it for future reference, for sure! Thank you for the colorful idea.

  7. Oh! Now isn't he (she?) the cutest! I checked out the etsy shop, too - LOVE it. Thanks for sharing your sources! : )

  8. It is soooo beautiful.

  9. I love your little guy :) Thanks for sharing the etsy link...I'll have to see if she has a blog to follow now ;P
    I think Ollie would be a perfect name for him :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  10. Oh goodness me! Isn't that just so adorable?!

    As for names, well there's Ozymandias, or maybe Archimedes. He was the owl in Disney's The Sword in the Stone.

    Ruby x

  11. Right timing! Well the summer heat is on, and it’s a good thing that you thought of buying a new AC! It’s hard to play crochet when you’re uncomfortable because of the hot weather. Anyway, your owl is so charming! Is it for sale?

    -Mignon Her

  12. A beautiful owl! How about Renee the red owl......­čśÇ