Friday, June 8, 2012

Yarn and Paper Wreath

The other day we were out and about and stopped at Archivers (a really cute scrapbooking chain store). I'm not a scrapbooker or a paper crafter, but I saw this "dear lizzy" scrapbooking paper and fell in love. I decided to pass because I had no idea what to do with a stack of  paper. 

A week passed and I was still dreaming about the paper and while on pinterest I realized I had a board titled "paper crafts". Well duh! Now I had a board full of inspiration and a reason to buy paper. Yay! So that day out we went again and I bought 2 of sheets of each design in the collection.

When we got home I instantly new what to make with all of this paper. I am really excited to share with you over the next few days what I came up with. The last day will be the big finale:)

Here is the first project. At Michaels I found these really cool wooden flat wreaths in the floral section.They had nice big sizes (I think this one is 20 or 22") and the price ($2!) was much cheaper than the pricey styrofoam ones.
This is so simple to do: 

Just wrap the entire wreath with yarn adding some hot glue here and there. I used sugar n cream cotton in a medium shade of pink. Then make different size pinwheels using scrapbook paper and add some buttons or any embellishments you wish. There is a great tutorial for the pinwheels here. Then simply hot glue the pinwheels to the wreath, I like mine grouped together in the lower corner. 

Weave a piece of floral while under the yarn on the back of the wreath and make a secure loop to hang, and there you go you have a bright summery yarn and paper wreath!


  1. Very cute. Love the summery colors and patterns! Can't wait to see what else you did with it!!

  2. Cute! It's so springy and pretty!

    (P.S. You left a comment at my blog, but you're a no-reply blogger, so I couldn't respond to it!)

  3. I like it a lot!!! Bravissima!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. Wonderful wreath! I love the pinwheels. I made over 100 with book-paper flower centers for my daughter's wedding to hang on the chair backs--very simple yet fun! Now I want to make one like yours for my front door! Thanks a bundle!